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You might be used to seeing Todd Frazier on the field for the Chicago White Sox, but it wasnt too long ago that he was making cakes on the Jersey boardwalk. Aaron Ramsey Jersey .Who was your favorite player growing up? Frazier:?Paul ONeill. I loved watching him. I loved the way he played. He played hard, but once in a while hed let a water cooler know how he felt about it, and I didnt mind that. It goes to show that he cared, though I dont think Ill be doing that anytime soon. Its just one of those things that you want to do good in your job, and I respect him for it.Who is your favorite player to watch today (not a teammate)? Frazier:?I tell everybody its Mike Trout. Hes a special athlete. Hes my buddy. Hes from Jersey, too, as well. He thinks he owns Jersey, but I think at the end of the day, I take care of it. We always bust each others chops jokingly, but hes a special player. I love to watch him.Who is your most underrated teammate? Frazier:?I would say Melky Cabrera. Hes having a really good year this year. I think its going unnoticed because were a little far off the [playoff] race right now. Hes not much of a theater-kind of guy. He goes after the game in the right way and he plays hard. So hes getting two, three hits a game it seems like and making a nice play in the outfield or throwing somebody out, so Id have to say him.Whats the most annoying question you are asked by the media?Frazier:?It just depends on how the day is going. When somethings going on and then you [get asked] to talk about another player on the team. Lets say theres something that happened during the year, like, Do you think this guy should have done something differently when he did this? Just talking about a different scenarios about a certain instance that happens. I think thats the most annoying question, because youre damned if you do, damned if you dont. Both on the field and off the field. If theres a problem and then they come to you and ask. For one, youre not the coach, I guess, and two, you cant really give out the answer, and if you do, you get blamed for everything. Youve got to be careful.One rule you would change? Frazier:?This is a good one. The swinging foul ball, whether the catcher catches it or not on strike three. I think thats an easy one. When an umpire calls it foul and looks down at first base. Theres no chance any umpire, unless you have Ted Williams vision, can see if the catcher catches a foul ball on a swinging strike-three foul ball. I think that is one rule Id like to see get into the replay system.Who is ultimately responsible for policing the game? Players, manager, umpires, league? Frazier:?I think it should be players. I think thats what they did back in the day, and I think it should be like that now. I think its a lot more difficult just with different people now that play this game. Its a totally different game than it was back in the day, but I think players should police what goes on, on and off the field and inside the clubhouse, you know?How big of a problem are PEDs in todays game? Frazier:?I think its a big problem. I think its huge. You see all the different guys coming out [with positive tests], unexpected guys, its like holy cow. I think youve got to do something different about that now. I know [getting suspended] half the years a lot, and you dont get to be in the playoffs as well, but I think eventually theyre going to just ban the guys from getting popped. Id like to see that.What is something that people dont know about you or have wrong about you?[Teammate chimes in: He worked on the boardwalk!]Frazier:?That was my first job. In Seaside Heights, New Jersey. That was my first job, and actually I was a bakery assistant in the bakery department of ShopRite for a year-and-a-half. So I designed the cakes. I finally got it down how to write on them and everything. Cookies, you name it, anything that dealt with bakery, I really knew about it. That was something cool. I had fun doing that. That was my freshman year in high school.[Frazier added that his favorite part was prepping the donuts. He liked to eat those, too.] Petr Cech Jersey . Vettel was 0.168 seconds faster than Red Bull teammate Mark Webber around the Suzuka circuit. Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg was two tenths of a second off Vettel. "The car balance is decent, but I think we can still improve," Vettel said. Bernd Leno Jersey . The scientists believe the small earthquake during a Marshawn Lynch touchdown was likely greater than Lynchs famous "beast quake" touchdown run three years ago, which also came against New Orleans during a playoff game. http:///...inez-Arsenal-Jersey/ . -- For the first time in two months, an opponent was standing up to Alabama. Albus Nox Luna took down yet another League Championship Series champion, following up a win against 2016 spring North American champs Counter Logic Gaming with another win over Europes spring and summer victors G2 Esports at the League of Legends World Championships.The representatives of the Commonwealth of Independent States via the International Wildcard Qualifier, ANX now sits at 2-1 in its group, trailing only tournament favorites ROX Tigers, as the first week of round robin matches are over for Group A.Albus Nox Lunas latest upset was powered by a pair of self-proclaimed one-trick pony champions, as Mykhailo Kira Harmash selected Anivia while Kirill Likkrit Malofeev played his signature high-damage Brand support. Both would play a pivotal role in the victory, along with top laner Dmitrii Smurf Ivanov on Poppy.ANX had control of the map for most of the early game, translating that pressure into the first tower and a pair of dragons. But failure to keep up the pressure allowed G2 Esports back into the game, as a couple of overly aggressive moves led to deaths and a dragon secured for the European champions.However, that did not deter the Russian side, as it capitalized on G2 resetting following a mid-lane teamfight to secure an uncontested Baron Nashor kill, thanks in large part to the massive damage from an unlikelly source, the support Brand. Nacho Monreal Arsenal Jersey. The Baron power play led to a big advantage for ANX, and some smart combinations would help the team keep its lead and continue to take objectives. On multiple occasions, Kira and Smurf were able to combine the Anivia Crystalize wall and Poppys Heroic Charge ability to stun members of G2 against the temporary terrain and pick up kills.The first such combo led directly to an opportunity to take a second Baron buff, which was earned thanks to some smart zoning to keep G2 jungler Kim Trick Kang-yun away from the objective.G2 attempted to make a last-ditch effort to stop ANX at the Elder Dragon, but a Poppy ultimate from Smurf sent Trick away, removing all hope for a steal and giving Albus Nox Luna the buff it needed to eventually take down the enemy base and destroy the nexus.The loss for G2 Esports moves the team to 0-3 for the tournament, an objectively disappointing showing from the squad that finished the summer split without a loss in the standings. ANX, on the other hand, are poised to enter the second week of round robin games in second place in the group, needing only to hold serve and recreate a magical Week 1 to earn a spot in the quarterfinals. ' ' '