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ylq Jul 31
I saw a notice in the library today, reminding me of a word - "the joy of revenge Online Cigarettes." The thing is probably like this: Someone bought a few bottles of yogurt in the library and was stolen. So a certain gentleman made this notice, which was shameless in stealing the act, and greeted and predicted the future of the other: the course hangs, the sixth level hangs, the postgraduate hangs... In short, all kinds of hangs, and surely the love will break up. Of course, I have no intention to comment on the right or wrong of this monarchy (commenting others will always face the dilemma of self-moral reflection). Initially, I just thought of the above word Hobbes outlined for us in Leviathan. "Natural state" is "the state of war against all people." He wrote in "Leviathan": "There are three basic causes of conflict in human nature: the first is competition, but for the benefit; the second is suspicion, but for security; the third is honor, For the sake of profit, people use violence to enslave others; all suspicions are to preserve these vested interests; as for the battle of honor, they believe that they have been despised or offended." In a sense It is said that in the natural state of the early people's society, people have strong desires and demands for revenge, so they will have the "happy revenge" and the "resentment of the weak" caused by revenge. In this state, the dispute mainly relies on private relief and oracle referee resolution, but with the development of society, the maturity of the social mechanism itself, the limitations of private relief, and the decree of the referee's credibility (recognition) A new dispute resolution mechanism - the administration of justice on behalf of public power. The law arises in the process of dispute resolution, just as revenge develops to the rule of revenge at a certain stage. The emergence of the judiciary only provides the people with a platform and means to resolve disputes, but it does not eliminate the conflict between people, and thus does not eliminate the need for revenge after the conflict has arisen. It is only for the need to pass the judicial process. A reasonable and just solution - the need for revenge without a place has resorted to the platform. However, not all disputes can be or are worthy of resorting to the law, so private remedies will inevitably exist within a certain range. Therefore, the behavior of a certain prince at the beginning of this article becomes a common one. Reasonable choices In fact, the need for revenge is more of a psychological need, because it can be solved in a way that satisfies this kind of psychology - the occupation of morality has such a function. It is very easy, we have made moral judges and supervisors, standing at the highest point of morality to point out the mountains and rivers, and comment on the ancient theory Marlboro Lights, not to mention the fact that they are parties. The effect of occupying the moral high point is that it will produce a sense of moral superiority, and will be happy to justify all of its actions and swear by others. No matter what the reason is, in the end, I will definitely not have moral taint. That Q is not like this! In the end, it must be a "great reunion" that is all happy. At the same time, dressing yourself up as a weak person and then gaining compassion and compassion are also natural recipes to meet this psychological need. The social innate compassion for the weak increases the motivation for people to pack pity and sympathy after the dispute. In the unanimous reprimand of the people, a sense of belonging and identity, and the happiness of revenge success. The response to such a rendering can be seen in the degree of maturity and rationality of a society as a whole. Whether you agree or not, factual determination is always a difficult matter. When something happens, the original truth disappears forever. Later, what we reasoned based on certain evidence can only be relative truth. Therefore, the judgment of legitimacy has always been a specific judgment, and it needs to be carried out in the relevant situation. The judgment of justice is complicated. Saab��s "Scene Cave Case" may prove this. Most of the things that are seen at a glance, if not always, will miss out on some details. The plot that can be seen at a glance is even more boring to find happiness, and to kill time.
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